5am: “Wow!  18 degrees- awesome!”  And I was not being facetious!

The one thing that’s changed most during the last 7 months in this farming adventure is my body- and it’s not just that I have muscles to rival Mr. Schwarzenegger’s.  All the outside work has helped me adapt to the cold so that 18 degrees actually feels balmy.  Especially after the -12 degree temps on Monday.  Burr!  Today I went outside to feed the cows and nearly got heat stroke as it’s 27 degrees and I was wearing my heaviest jacket with hat and gloves.  I feel like one of the X men.  My superpower is that I’m impervious to the cold.  So therefore, I could only fight the bad guys if we happened to find ourselves in the Arctic Circle?  Yah, that happens all the time for me.  How ’bout you?