As I said in an earlier post, yep, farming.  It fits in so nicely with my life plan which can be neatly summed up as, “And now for something completely different!”

What am I up to?  Here are my main thoughts on what I’d like to do here.

  • Trying to farm in as natural a way as possible.
  • Following the natural systems as much as possible meaning increasing biodiversity on the farm.
  • Use sustainable methods as I become aware of them, and farming with an assumption that this land will be passed along to future Spooners who will want to farm it.
  • Eliminating common “negative externalities” associated with agriculture including soil degradation, over-extraction of nutrients and water, emissions of methane and nitrogen which can pollute air and water sources.
  • Find out how many people a small farm can feed.
  • Find out how to employ folks in the community.
  • Create an open source type education base and a community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic farmers who love to teach.
  • Our land is eminently suitable for raising meat and milk and we wish to study how that can actually develop the soil and biological relationships inherent within.
  • Put cutting edge research to work for us such as findings that organic foods contain 90% more nutrients than conventionally grown plants and that chemical fertilizers and pesticides actually disrupt soil microbe relationships leading to lower yields.