Sunny and HOT!!  96˚  8:30am to 6pm.  Should have stopped mid-day and rested out of the sun.  Got a little sunburned on the edges of my shirt.

Should set up an umbrella for planting so that we have some shade.  Mosquito netting hats for summer?  No skeeters yet, but the horse flies bothered me a bit.


100 black cherry trees from 9am-11:45am.

Harris Kale Vates: 54’

Renee’s salad scallions: 8’

Harris lettuce blend: 16’

Harris Black seeded Simpson lettuce: 12’

Harris Zucchini Elite F1 squash Treated: 20 hills

Harris Autumn cup F1 squash treated: 36’

Harris Fairytale F1 pumpkins treated: 31’