8am to 5:40pm,  Mostly sunny with a good stiff breeze.  Threatened rain sometimes.  82˚  Sunburned the tops of my feet.

Looks like it takes about 2 hours to rake rocks out of one 300foot row.  It’ll be interesting to see if that’s the case next year too as we won’t be plowing.


Harris Burgess Buttercup squash: 54’ (one long single row down the length of the tractor width row.)

Renee’s Holiday mix pumpkins: 13’

Harris Pumpkins Lumina: 35’ altogether in two row ends

Harris Pumpkin Howden: 86’

Harris Pumpkin Munchkin (treated): 12’

Harris Pumpkin Cinderella (treated): 12’

Harris Pumpkin Lil Pump-ke-mon (treated): 12’

Harris Blue Hubbard Squash Standard (treated): 70’

Renee’s early butternut squash: 5 hills

Renee’s tricolor zucchini: 12’

Shumway Purple Top White Globe Turnips: 82’ in double rows

Harris Model Parsnips: 212’ double rows  (this is probably a mistake on my part.)

Harris Swiss Chard Northern Lights: 54 rows (cross rows)