2:30pm to 7pm.  Sunny, bit of a breeze, 79˚

Rose and I went to check out the Hamilton farmers’ market this morning, and it has CHANGED!!  Whoa!  It’s three times as big as when I went there with Susanne 15 years ago.  (I can’t believe it’s 15 years since I lived there.  Where has the time gone?)  There were a lot of veggie vendors there and one dude had produce from Honduras and CA.  That really pisses me off.  I’m going to have to write to the organizers and see if that’s allowed and then insist that it shouldn’t be.  We met a woman who is a jeweler who is lovely and gave us a lot of info on the mkt and another vendor of veggies named Ginger who may be in the slot next to me.  That would be a bummer.  I wonder if I’ll be able to sell any veggies there at all?

We also stopped in to the Barge Canal Coffee company and all my murals were still up except the one in the window.  My mugs were still there too.  All the furniture and the paint jobs in the bathrooms too, (rag rolled walls in a hideous melon color that I remember was in style in 1995.  Yikes.)

The health food store is great. Bought baked tofu and hummus.

In the afternoon we planted:

Renee’s Romeo Carrots: 2 Rows  (find out if she wholesales to market growers because one packet is just not enough.  On the other hand, one ounce of carrot seeds is a huge amount.  See below.)

Renee’s sunshine mix carrots: 3 rows.

Renee’s Green fortune Pak choi:

Shumway blue dent corn: 24 double rows, (might get 2 ears per stalk x 48 plants= 96 ears?  -10 for <100% germination, so maybe 86 ears.  Order/plant more.)

Shumway Bloody Butcher dent corn:73 double rows, (2 x 146 plants= ~292 ears.  Probably plenty)

Harris Scarlet Nantes carrots: 42 rows.  (This is the one ounce packet of seeds- will plant the remaining ½ ounce in 2 weeks.)

Harris Detroit Dark Red beets: 14 rows.

On the seed mats:  Only make them for seeds that need to be put in x=>2” and <4”.  Only need one layer of napkin.  They’re hard to plant if it’s windy; cut them up inside because it’s impossible to do outside in the wind.