Planted onions!  1800 of them, then a few more rows of misc. onions that Dad had picked up from somewhere.  Sunny and hot.  At least 85˚, but there was a breeze.  Had on spf 100 and didn’t get any color at all.  Love that stuff.  Rose was awesome—and amazing worker and really cheerful about it.  We came in at 4:45pm and made seed mats to plant the other things tomorrow.  Figured out that it wasn’t really worth it to make seed mats for anything that needs to be planted less than 2” apart.  They were fun to make for the big things though.  I made pasta with mushrooms, anchovies, capers and garlic, then Rose made vegetarian chili for tomorrow.  Off to bed!  So exhausted.  I hope I didn’t give Rose sunstroke. & a ({zr.  Fixed for free!

Picked up Rose from train station.   Let the first internship begin!