This is the first post of what I’d like to be a mostly daily type of post.  I’ll be writing down what I did that day and any new things I learned.  I’ll probably have some commentary mixed in because I’m that kind of girl, but they may seem to be just a random checking off of a to-do list. For that reason, I’ll label them all “Daily Log at such and such a date” so that less interested readers can skip right over them.

Planted corn today.  68 rows which are about 300 feet long.

Upper field: Arrowhead, 12 rows; Harris 1001, 20 rows; Delectable, 16 rows.

Lower field: Arrowhead, 10 rows; Delectable, 6 rows; Silver Queen, 4 rows.

Dad drove and I manned the hoppers, making sure the corn was in the right place and coming through the planter at the right pace.  It was invigorating to ride along on the back of the tractor admiring the view and listening to the click, click of the corn planter as the sun came and went.

Learned how to pull off the corn hoppers, (the bucket mechanism that holds and feeds the corn to the planter mechanism,) and empty them.  Short discussion on when to use a planter plate with smaller holes so that the small corn kernels don’t get double planted, (when planting 20 acres rather than one it becomes quite important,) and that you need to make the rows as straight as possible so that cultivating with the tractor later is easier.  (This means to remove the weeds that have grown up between the corn plants.)

Visited Sirko’s nursery and loved it.  They’re just across the river and through the woods, (literally.)  Lovely, lovely people with a beautiful nursery with the best prices in town.  Very helpful to me when I called back in March and said, “I’m starting a market garden.  What should I grow?”  Much discussion about clematis and spirea.  Can’t wait to move into the little house so that I can go plant shopping for flowers.

Weeded for about 2 hours:  got rid of the garlic mustard that has taken over the east side of the little house, and then started with the eastern side of the small bed in front of the little house.  Can you say overgrown?  I knew you could.  Actually pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade in my enthusiasm.  Am going to have to take apart the strange wooden box that’s surrounding the former garlic mustard bed as it’s rotting away.  What was this?  Some sort of little garden? (Dad tells me this is where former tenants had watermelons and flowers.)

Cut the seed heads off the rhubarb plants, and then pulled up more garlic mustard from over the bank near the grape vines.