For those of you who don’t know, the plan is this: 1. Graduate from Columbia U. with my BA in Urban Studies in May, (a 20 year, roundabout process in which I tried 5 different majors.)  2. Immediately put it to good use by moving to my parents’ farm near Cooperstown NY and putting in a market garden, buying some animals and attempting to become a part of the eat local movement.  3.  Assure all my detractors that I have a minor in environmental science, and not just cities. (much good it will do me.)  4.  Get my butt kicked by nature as the farm is need of tons of fencing work and general clean up. Dad retired from milking dairy cows almost 10 years ago and has been renting out the place to house heifers for other farmers and the other farmers have done a minimum of upkeep.  (Dad is suffering from lung disease which makes physical work very difficult.)  Maintenance and building some new structures for chickens, corn and grain storage, etc. is a priority.

                All this while putting in an acre of crops, selling at farmers markets, fixing up the old farm house I’m moving into and finding some part time work to tide me over ‘til the money starts pouring in…

There’s hundreds of dollars to be made at farming!

The biggest part of the plan is to learn as much from Dad as I possibly can in a rapid amount of time.  Dad was born on this farm in the house that I will be moving into, (and spent my own childhood in) and has been farming it since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.  The chance to learn about farming from someone who is so learned on the subject and has such a tie to one piece of property is a rare opportunity and I’m glad I woke up to this fact and can be a part again of the farm I grew up on.